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{June 25, 2012}   Of Vampires and Duck

Sometimes, weekends are very uneventful. Especially when you have absolutely no money to your name to actually go out and do something. My weekend actually started off sort of all right – had an interview for a job on Friday, the biggest interview I’ve ever had, and due to nerves I possibly bombed it. But then I went to see my gran with my dad, picking up a few cakes and bits and pieces for Saturday. Not that anything was happening Saturday, but Gran had been shopping and, as always happens, brought random things for us, including Chocolate Mini Rolls and Red Onion Chutney. As we do every Friday (at least when I’m around) we got food from the chip shop, and headed home. Pretty standard. Actually, my whole weekend was pretty standard.

Saturday included wishing my dad happy birthday, a visit from Nan and Ban (my mother’s parents) and my aunt, currently visiting from Australia. I did my usual stuff, went on the laptop for a bit, had a nap, ate, and then my parents went out for a meal for my dad’s birthday, leaving money so I could order some food in. Three years in Hull and I never had Indian food as good as what I can get around the corner here. For some reason, every takeaway in Hull insists on doing thin cut chips/fries-style, whereas here, Indians tend to have thicker chips (fries for anyone reading this who is American), which just taste better to me. Anyway, I ordered the food and sat down to watch Fright Night. I’d seen it advertised when it was out in the cinema, and it slipped my mind until I saw adverts for it while browsing Virgin’s On Demand on my parent’s TV. Which, I have to admit, is pretty poor. There’s sod all on. occasionally, they might have one or two decent series’ but I get through them pretty quickly.

Anyway, Fright Night. You know that ‘Faith in Humanity’ meme, the Freddie Mercury one? (And if you don’t know who Freddie Mercury is, please remove yourself from this blog, go to YouTube and search Queen. Listen to all of it. Come back, thank me and

A real vampire.

carry on.) Well, Fright Night did an amazing thing. It restored my faith in vampires. I like sexy, brooding vampires as much as someone who grew up reading Anne Rice can, but the thing I always liked about Lestat was his unflinching immorality. He just didn’t care. He wasn’t ‘suffering’, he wasn’t falling in love with young girls and doing whatever it does those crazy vampires do nowadays. That was Louis’ area. And, hell, I’m pretty

A piss poor imitation. Note: vampires should not sparkle.

sure that’s why I prefer Eric over Bill in True Blood. Bill tries too hard. Eric doesn’t have to. And, yeah, he does fall for Sookie, but it’s done in a much more interesting way than, say, Twilight.

(Which, for the record, I really, really, really hate.)

But Fright Night…well, Jerry could kick Edward’s arse. And Bill’s, most likely. But I can imagine, if you put him into a room with Eric and Lestat, they’d get on brilliantly. They could start their own gentleman’s club. And it would be wonderful. Actually, it’d make a pretty damn good film, too. The three of them would easily be able to woo the world with their good looks and charms, before taking it over. What I’m trying to say here is Fright

Night showed a vampire who was handsome, yes, and charming, in a way, but is soon reduced to an animatistic beast who has no redeeming qualities. He’s not a poor creature suffering under his curse. He’s a man trying to turn everyone in sight into something like him, who grins when people die around him. He’s a proper vampire, and it’s about time we had decent films with proper vampires in again. Plus, well, the main kid in it is the kid from Alpha Dog,but slightly grown up and with his voice broken. I have to admit, I’d like to see him in

Any excuse for a picture of Justin Timberlake.

more. He’s perfect for the role in Fright Night; a geek turned popular, going out with a pretty girl and ignoring his old friends. He played a victim in Alpha Dog, but here, he pretty much kicks arse. And, of course, there’s David Tennant. I love that man. True Love, BBC’s recent ‘improvised drama’ was disappointing, but I’ve loved everything else I’ve seen him in. And with this film…hell, I didn’t realise it was him until he’d been on screen ten minutes. This film has made me really, really excited for the vampire genre as a whole, especially if it returns to the idea of vampires being evil instead of just poor, tortured souls (drink some human blood and grow some balls, for Dracula’s sake!). It’s also made me even more excited for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So, yeah, check it out if you like vampires, more so if you’re fed up of this whole vampire-love story crap. (And this is coming from a girl who, since the age of 15, has been trying to write a vampire story about a girl travelling with a bunch of vampires…)

And then, on Sunday, I tried Duck for the first time. Was nice.

What about you? Any films you’ve seen recently – old or new – that had really made an impact?


One fella: Lestat de Lioncourt. Also some more others listed in my Twi-troll post. 😀

Lestat is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Vivace.Assai says:

Fright Night sounds interesting, and if David Tennant is in it, then I will most certainly not miss out on it. I can probably even convince my family to watch it (even though they HATE movies like this) just because of him.

But as for me, the film that made the greatest impact recently was Midnight in Paris. If you don’t know the plot, it’s about this man, who is in love with the 1920s and is working on a novel, going on a trip in Paris. His fiancee is less than happy with his sentimental character, and one night, he finds himself transported into the past. The reason why I liked this film so much was because Owen Wilson’s character had distinct characteristics that were like… me. He’s sentimental, enjoys constructing fantasy lands and imagining better lives, and loves the 1920s and Paris. And so, when his character discovered that the past is great but one must always live in the present, the lesson struck a greater chord with me than it could have.

Anyways, interesting blog post. Interested to read more. Best regards.

I love Midnight in Paris! Brilliant film, and I love how different it was to the usual stuff around at the moment. Personally, I sat watching it thinking about how I’d give my right arm to go to Paris in the 20s, especially with all those writers and the like around then. But I think it would always be a good thing to come back to the present day after it all 🙂
David Tennant was amazing in it. Really interesting character, too, pretty different from what I’ve seen him in before – even though pretty much all of his characters are different. If you like him, it’s worth checking out Blackpool, British TV show with Tennant as a copper. It’s…got an oddly unique musical feel to it.

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