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{September 13, 2012}   The Addiction Returns….Part I

I love Autumn. Or, considering the topic of the post, maybe I should say Fall? It’s that wonderful time of the year when the weather starts to turn towards the rubbish side (well, actually, that’s August, it just gets a bit colder now) and the evenings shorten, and most American TV shows return. Obviously, there are the exceptions, Game of Thrones and True Blood don’t return until 2013, and Pretty Little Liars resume their season in October, rather than starting. But, even so, there’s a lot coming out soon, so here’s my list of the shows I’m really, really looking forward to this Autumn/Fall.

13/09 – Glee

Firstly, I apologise that this isn’t a better promo. It was the best one I could find. But, anyway, it’s back. Tonight. Or maybe by the time you’re reading this it’s already back. Either way, I’m pretty damn excited. I love Glee, I really do. It just has the ability to put a smile on my face, no matter how I’m feeling, no matter how crap my day or week or month has been. Christ, this show kept me going through University. I started watching it in the second half of my first year, and the series ended right before I left Hull to come back home. The graduation episode had me in tears, and I have no idea if it would have had the same effect if it wasn’t for the fact I was going to be donning my own cap and gown just after a month after the episode aired. (In the UK, mind. We don’t have graduation ceremonies for high school. Actually, you don’t even graduate high school here. Just…leave.) Anyway, Glee…songs, music, dancing, at times it can be misguided and at others it can forget previous plots, but despite that it’s still worth watching. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how they incorporate the graduated characters, as, from the promo, you can see they’re still there.

21/09 – Haven

Haven, Maine, is a town full of people with strange, unusual powers. It mainly focuses on Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) as she comes to terms with the events and strange goings on that all seem to revolve around the ‘troubles’ of the past. It’s a SyFy original and, well, it’s really good. I would strongly recommend anyone who liked Heroes, Supernatural and Once Upon A Time to check this out. It’s like a mix of all three. (Which made it feel like it was made specifically for me…) I made the mistake of rushing through the first two seasons, under the impression that the third would be out during the summer. And when I found out it was actually returning this September, I regretted it. Still, I don’t think I could have stretched out longer even if I had wanted to. Like a good book, Haven really draws you in, making you constantly eager to find out what happens next. And with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) circling each other like lions, aiding Audrey when they can, and constantly comparing testosterone levels, plus all the ‘trouble’ related events in the show, there’s never a dull moment.

30/09 – Once Upon A Time

Just watched the trailer for the first time and holy shit did you see the hook? It looks, to me anyway, like season two is going to push the show, with the introduction of even more characters and bringing magic into the real world. I absolutely loved series one, and have been itching to see this since the finale. I mean, come on, magic! In the real world! What’s not to love? One of the things I think the show does brilliantly is the female characters. The production company is owned by Disney, so a lot of the time, it feels like watching updated versions of classics. Only, whereas Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were pretty passive in the Disney cartoons, the princess characters here really aren’t. They kick arse. They save the guys. They redeem the men who, to be fair, are the most flawed characters in the show. Forget virgins and whores. The girls in Storybrooke are the ones who, even when at the bottom, manage to prove themselves. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is an amazing lead, and I think it’s interesting that there’s never a real love interest for her. For me, that seems rare. Sure, you can have guy centric shows where the guy never has a solid love interest, but most shows with a female character, it’s like there has to be a man somewhere. And, yes, they do crop up, but the romance never takes over. On the other hand, the main romance of the show (Snow and her prince) is the right level of Disney cheese mixed in with modern twists and complications. It balances men and women quite well, and like I said, feels at times like an update on Disney classics. Perfect for multiple generations. (And yes, I did get my dad hooked to it, too.)

3/10 – Supernatural

This is a big one for me. Not least because it is my current top favourite show. I also wrote my dissertation on it. After reading it, my supervisor commented that he now wanted to watch the show. He asked what my plans were for the last few weeks of Uni, and after explaining I only had a couple more essays to hand in, I told him I was going to catch up with S7 of the show. His reply? “You still want to watch it?” Me – “Of course.” Of course I do! I wouldn’t have done my dissertation (nine months of work) without loving the show. For starters, what would I have done with two books on Supernatural essays? (For anyone who is interested, the focus of the dissertation was masculinity in the show. It was pretty damn fun.) Despite the fact that decent female characters are difficult to find in the show (or dead. Mainly thanks to the fans, but that’s a post for another time), Sam and Dean really, really pull it forward. Their relationship is entertaining, gripping and downright emotional at times, as they dis and reconnect time and time again. If you’ve ever wondered the true extent of brotherly love, you’ve never seen the show. Plus, you have the great additions around them; Bobby, Cas, Crowley, Satan…and it’s really not afraid to tackle the big topics. This is a show that actually asked where God is, even while celebrating older religions with multiple gods. To me, only a good show could have so many religions side by side. Though, in recent seasons, it has focused a lot on the one religion, you still get times when they bring in Egyptian gods and the like. Demons, werewolves, vampires, gods, shapeshifters and classic rock, what’s not to love? If you haven’t seen it already, then please, go check it out.

Part II coming soon.


hhndl says:

I’m definitely putting the Once Upon a Time season premiere on my calender; I had been wondering when it would air again since the last season’s finale really gave a good set-up. And it’s so true that the female characters are so strong: they are the ones that endure against hardships and hatred, they are the ones that save people and take sacrifices, they are the ones that really drive so much of the story forward. And the characterization for the series is just brilliant in that every character is explored and made human. Even Regina, the main antagonist, has some humane characteristics within her, making her more believable and interesting to watch. I definitely love this show because it combines reality with Disney idealism – a pretty interesting mix in television.

But now, I’m also interested in checking out Supernatural and Haven. I’ve heard a lot of people praising Supernatural, but I’ve never felt the appeal. But your description definitely sounds intriguing! And Haven also has the paranormal aspect, which I love in my television shows.

Interesting post!

I do think the set up was done really well. It helped that the news of renewal came out before then. Regina is brilliant – I love how they actually take the time to flesh her out. She could have become a stereotype, yet everything in her life…there’s a reason for the way she acts. And yeah, reality + Disney works so well for this day and age.
Supernatural is worth watching; sereis 1 – 5 are better than 6 and 7, but I still really enjoyed the last two. And Haven is, I think, pretty clever in the way it uses abilities. None of them are typical. Thanks for the comment.

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