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{September 18, 2012}   The Addiction Returns…Part II

The Addiction Returns…Part I.

Last time, I covered four of the shows I’m looking forward to in this year’s falls listings. I decided to do it in order of appearance, and as such, the next four don’t appear until October. But, three of these four are brand new shows, broadcasting the pilots in October. So, rather than explaining why I love them (similar to what I did last time) this will be more of why I am really, really looking forward to them. With the exception of the last show, which will be starting its second season in October. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

10/10 – Nashville

You worked out yet that I love musicals? I will check out anything musical or musical-based; I’m the kind of girl who gets super excited by seeing the trailer for any musical, or any superhero film (which I’ll come back to later). But, in truth, that trailer kind of disappointed me. I’d heard that Nashville was a musical-based series, but from the trailer, you just wouldn’t know. Still…I guess it could work. I lovedHeroes, but Claire in it really, really annoyed me. At times, she was too sickly sweet, passive, and the ending, well, the ending just made her seem stupid to me. And to be honest, I kind of wasn’t looking forward to Hayden Panettiere’s appearance in this, either. But the fact that she’s an absolute bitch makes me think I might just like her. Of course, disliking a character shouldn’t mean disliking the actor/actress, but I think it’ll make a nice change from “OMG save me Peter!” And I really loved Connie Britton in American Horror Story, and once more it’ll be interesting to see her do something different. The only problem, I think, is that Nashville just reminds me of Robert Altman’s film of the same name. Not well-known, perhaps, but the film is a musical that focuses on different characters all involved in the country music scene. There’s politics, too. Which, it seems, also appear in the show. But it’s a small point. I’ll give Nashville a chance, just because…well, musicals!

10/10 – Arrow

Yes yes and yes! I have been craving something like this since Smallville ended. Plus, out of all the characters on the show, Green Arrow would be the one best to have his own series. I mean, come on, it’s Batman meets Robin Hood! What’s not to love? The most disappointing thing about this is that it’s not got the same actor from Smallville playing Green Arrow. But that’s such a minor, personal point. The truth is, despite the popularity of superheroes on the big screen, the only small screen hero is recent years has been Superman. (As far as I’m aware, anyway.) Oh, and Heroes, but that didn’t have the same comic book appeal as the rest. Arrow will get compared to both Smallville and Heroes (by me, at least) which means it’s going to really have to prove itself. And fingers crossed, it will. Plus, it’s on The CW. Can’t help but trust them slightly with this – if memory serves me correctly, (which it sometimes doesn’t – and I don’t like in the States so please correct me if I’m wrong) Smallville was on the same channel, as was (is?) Supernatural. Two of my favourite shows in the last few years…maybe Arrow will reach the very esteemed place on my list. But, still…

Any excuse to Google him makes me happy

So, yes, Arrow could just work. Like I said, Batman meets Robin Hood. Green Arrow in Smallville was the one at a disadvantage; he didn’t have superpowers, meteor rock induced or not, and ended up revealing himself as playboy Oliver Queen. Yet it worked, because it proved that he was one of the best even without that, and he offered a great contrast to Clark. But it’ll be very interesting to see the character really stretch his bow on his own. Of course, the series isn’t related to Smallville but, like I said, it will get compared. And, talking of Smallville…

11/10 – Beauty and the Beast

Another one where the trailer doesn’t make it look that good. Ah well. I’ll still give it a chance. Oh, and another show where the actress previously played a character I really didn’t like. Seriously, have you seen her in Smallville? I’m not a fan of characters who are there simply so the hero has someone to save, and how did she never twig it was Clark? I preferred Lois, mainly because she actually kicked some arse at times. Lana was too much a product of events, passive and simply reacting to events. Still…it’s another CW show, too, which means, well, hot guys. (Meh. I’m shallow) Which isn’t, of course, enough to keep me invested in a series. From the trailer, it looks like ‘Beauty’ will end up just getting saved by the beast again…and again…and again…but fingers crossed it actually changes. I’m watching this out of interest rather than because I think it’ll be great. I’m watching it because I want to see how her character stacks up against Emma in Once Upon A Time. Because, yet again, here’s a show that’s going to get compared. Like films, TV seems to be moving more and more in the direction of imitating what’s done well, rather than having something unique. Grimm and Once Upon A Time came out around the same time but were vastly different; this one looks like it could be a mix between the both. It could work, but it could fall flat on its face. Expect my judgement after 11/10. (And that’s 11th October, by the way, because I’m British.)

17/10 – American Horror Story

That theme song is the only thing on-screen – outside games – that has managed to scare me in years. When I watched the first episode of this last year, I freaked. I actually had to grab a teddy and hug it during the opening. And then again later on. I fell in love with this show. It’s original, and clever, and I wrote a whole essay on how series one linked to the history of horror. (I got a First, by the way.) It pays homage to previous staples of horror really well, while retaining a unique perspective on it. And that trailer really doesn’t give anything away, except what was revealed a while back. Mainly, that series two is going to be set in an asylum. I love the fact that they’re taking this approach; rather than following the same plot, each series is going to turn to a different aspect of horror. And I can’t wait to see what they do with this one. Also, did you see Zachery Quinto at the end? He hasn’t been anywhere close to that scary since the first season of Heroes. (I’m really going to have to do a blog about how much I love that show at some point.) He was brilliant in season one, and if he has a bigger part here…well, all I can say is, I expect great things from you, AHS.

So there you have it, the eight shows coming out this month and next that I’m excited about. Well, Glee has already aired and you can read my blog about the first episode here. I would say that out of all of them, the ones I’ve talked about here have the most to prove. Although Once Upon A Time is the same age as American Horror Story, I feel like it doesn’t have as much to prove. AHS is such a different concept, and it has the potential to pull in new audiences as well as retain the old ones. As for the other three…I would say they may struggle, because they need to stand out against films of similar natures, as well as Nashville competing against Glee and Smash, Arrrow‘s potential to be compared to Smallville and Beauty and the Beast being yet another fairy tale *with a twist* show (not to mention the films that have been coming out recently). They’re competing a lot more than other TV shows have needed to in the past. So…let’s hope that Darwin proves right and the strongest survive.

So, there’s what I think, what about you? Any points you disagree with? What are you looking forward to watching on TV in the next few months?


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