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{October 22, 2012}   Exploring My Sweet Tooth

I have a very sweet tooth. I always have done – it didn’t help that we lived opposite a 24 hour garage growing up (which has now shut up shop), meaning that either I or my brothers would often be sent over to pick up a chocolate bar for Dad. He’d always chuck us an extra quid or two, telling us to get something for ourselves. At Christmas, my dad buys a huge amount of chocolate, and there’s usually (now, anyway) a fair amount left by Easter. As well as that, I can never resist a good cake – my aunt (Dad’s sister), grandparents (both sides) and uncle (Dad’s brother) all bake, and there was never an end to the Jam Tarts and Sponge cakes coming into this house when I was a kid.

Which makes me super excited by the fact that I have been nominated, by the lovely Zen Scribbes, for the Super Sweet Blog Award. It’s my first nomination for anything like this, and I feel like I can’t thank Zen enough. As I was reading her post, I was thinking of what my own answers would be, and to my surprise, there I was, tagged. A real honour – it kind of feels like acceptance, no? Anyway, here’s my answers!

1. Cookies or Cake?

Milly’s Cookie Cake? Or is that not allowed? In all seriousness, my instant reaction to this was just cake. There’s so many different kinds, and there’s nothing like a sponge cake on a birthday, or chocolate cake after Christmas lunch, or Welsh Cakes while watching Eastenders. Also, I had a lot of fun introducing my friends in England to Welsh Cakes, and I think there does tend to be this cultural difference in cakes too, whereas I haven’t seen that much difference in cookies from one place to another. Cakes are just more interesting.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate! Nothing like Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Or a nice bar of Galaxy when I’m flagging in work. I’m 22, and my dad still buys me Kinder Eggs for the Christmas stash I mentioned earlier. I do like vanilla, but I will always choose chocolate over it.

3. What is your favourite sweet treat?

I really have no idea. It really depends what mood I’m in. I tend to stick with chocolate things – I find it difficult to pass by the yoghurt section of any shop, and not because of the yoghurt. They have all the healthy ones right next to the cold chocolate delights, and most of the time they’re on offer. But if I’m in work late, I’ll usually grab a bag of buttons or something on my lunch break, to munch on in the evening when there are no phone calls. I find it difficult picking a favourite anything, really, so I’m going to leave this hanging.

4. When do you crave sweet things most?

Usually, if I’m eating out. I can very rarely resist the deserts section of any menu. I blame it on the fact that as a kid, it was one of those times – outside of family gatherings and Christmas and the like – when we could have something really sweet after food. And it was always different to things you can just buy in the shops.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Dad’s input was ‘All Sorts’ (have you guessed where I inherited my sweet tooth from yet?), but I think that was just the first thing he could think of. I really have no idea…maybe just ‘Sweet Tooth’? Actually…I think that could work. I’ve had the impression from some people that I look slightly innocent (or sweet), so maybe ‘Sweet Tooth’ would fit. As I’m Welsh, it’s not pronounced the same as the English say it. So you’d have to say ‘toof’. Or something similar. I’m not good at dialect. (But I could write a whole blog on the things said differently across the border.)


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Zen A. says:

Hi there! I love your answers. =D You chose cake for the same reasons I did, and chocolate is always better than vanilla. I love me some Kinder eggs, too, though the prizes aren’t as awesome as they used to be. =[

They’re really not! It’s shocking. I always hated it when I used to get puzzles, though. Not long ago, I opened a Kinder egg and had a car or something you put together. Just left it on the table and carried on with my day. Came back and the car was sitting there, complete.

One look at my dad and I realised that when it comes to chocolate, some people will just never grow up.

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