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{November 10, 2012}   My Personal Dream Team

It’s old news by now, but with Disney’s recent purchase of LucasFilms, comes the prospect of Episode VII of Star Wars. Some people seem to be pretty scared by the fact, while others are excited. I am, without a doubt, the former. I love Disney, and in recent years my love has only grown. The Avengers was, to me, a great film, and I’ve been very much enjoying Once Upon A Time. I  feel like I can get excited by Star Wars, and I think it is safe in Disney’s hands. Plus, well, the memes doing the round have been pretty good. The thing is, if there is going to be another trilogy, it needs to be in good hands, and I’m talking about individuals here and not just Disney. I don’t know enough about the extended universe to comment on plot or story, or theorise on which direction they take it in. I have only seen the original trilogy. I, as of about an hour ago, have a life-size cardboard cut-out of Yoda, with my brother’s face on it, as an early birthday present. (I had already started writing this before he gave it to me.) By life-size, I mean it’s the same size as Yoda. So, no, I am not a huge Star Wars geek.

What I am, however, is a huge fan of almost anything that mixes the old with the new. By this, I mean TV shows and films that have good old-fashioned adventure with a touch of sci-fi future. Which brings to the first person I thought of when my mate in work told me about Disney’s Star Wars future.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume most people were thinking of the same person.

Star Wars is little more than a Western set in space. I love the idea that all American films are, essentially, Westerns, but that’s a topic for a whole other blog post. Anyway, space western. Star Wars uses the traditions of that all American genre and transports it beyond the stars. It has the renegade cowboy, the heroic small-time kid and the high class woman in need of saving. I could go on, but it’s all standard stuff that pretty much everyone knows. So, kids, what other things have we seen on our screens in recent years that have the Western in space feel? Only, maybe they go a step further, make it even better by actually picking up Western settings and dumping them on planets, even having a very Han Solo character at the forefront of it all.

Who else better to work on the new and improved Star Wars than the guy who brought us Firefly?


You really don’t get more Western in space than this.

So, yeah, I really do think Joss Whedon would be a great choice for this project. If there’s anyone who can get the setting right, who can really infuse the Star Wars universe with that Western/Sci-Fi feeling, it’s him. And he did do a good job with The Avengers. Plus he clearly has the backing of the nerds and geeks, who love to fawn over anything that has his name attached. Not that anyone can blame them; he’s a guy who knows his genres, who knows the exact right tones to hit and how to hit them.

There is, however, one problem.

If he does take on Star Wars, expect to fall in love with one of the characters for the first half, only to have them needlessly killed off somewhere later on.

Now, the second name that would make me squeal with delight if it was ever attached to Star Wars….

Thing is, I do think it’s unlikely that this guy will be a part of the films, but if anyone is reading this, hear me out.

Eric Kripke created Supernatural, with the aim of making it ‘Star Wars in truck stop America’. Dean Winchester, especially, errs of the Han Solo side at times, and like the characters in Firefly, Dean and Sam sometimes have a very Western air to them, riding into town, saving the people and riding back out again. Not only that, but Kripke is great when it comes to family relationships. His characters struggle against brothers and fathers, find father figures in places outside their biological family, and fight hard for their kin. Although these films aren’t remakes (hopefully), the original trilogy does have the whole ‘father/son issues’ thing going on, and if there’s anyone who could, perhaps, explore that theme with a wider scope, if they carry it on, it’s Kripke.

Luke, Han and…Yoda?

The thing is, despite the fact that I love Supernatural, even wrote my dissertation on it including the whole ‘Star Wars’ quote, I didn’t really think of Kripke being involved in the Star Wars reboot (for lack of a better word). Not until this week, when I checked out his latest offering.

And about halfway in, it struck me.

Kripke should have some involvement. Hell, pair up Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke and watch the magic happen.

See, this week I checked out Revolution and, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s a quick low down.

So you say you want a Revolution…

One day, for no apparent reason, everything just stops working. Anything that is run by electricity, has a battery, is plugged in, it all just stops. Cars no longer run, planes fall from the skies and Militias take over the United States. Fifteen years after the blackout, and General Monroe looks for two brothers, Ben and Miles, believing they know someway to get the power back on.

Charlie, Ben’s daughter, looks like she could be a Winchester. Seriously, just look at her clothes and compare them to Dean. Anyway, apart from that, there’s a really nice sci-fi/fantasy feeling to the show. People use horses to get around, they hunt with bows and arrows as guns are banned, and know Google as simply ‘some computer thing’. It feels like Kripke took medieval fantasy and plunged it into the 21st Century. And it works. The fight scenes are amazing, with plenty of word clashes and men on horseback. Okay, so it’s far from the futuristic world of Star Wars, but if given the chance, I think Kripke could really do well with a sci-fi set in space. And just imagine those fight scenes with light sabers rather than swords.

I, personally, think it could work.

Plus, Kripke is really good with story lines, especially the epic battles between good and evil, as well as being brilliant at family relationships and stories on a smaller scale. Just think about it. Kripke and Whedon would make an epic team, both bringing something uniquely awesome to the franchise.

What about you? Any names that sprung to mind when you heard about Star Wars: Episode VII? Or, even, just people you would love to see involved?


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