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{May 17, 2013}   Thank You (Yes, You!)

This probably won’t be a big deal to many of you. Those of you who have been in this for a while, whose writing is brilliant and witty and drags you in with a relentless force that I don’t think even a demon dragging you down to hell can match. Who have new people checking out their blog everyday, who have a huge number of people commenting and offering their own opinions when you post something.

But for me, this is massive.

I’ve hit a milestone.

Yesterday, I hit 50 followers.

That’s 50 people who checked out my blog and decided they liked what they saw. I’ve been writing this blog for just under eleven months, and I write when I feel I have something I want to say or share. It always makes me smile when I see the notification speech bubble at the top turn orange, whether it’s a comment, like or follow. And I always check out the blogs of people who have let me know they’ve visited. I have a look around, a read, and through them might find myself following other blogs or finding interesting posts.

The amazing thing, to me, about blogging is spending a few moments in someone else’s head. Seeing the way other people view the world, and the fact that when I first have a peek, I don’t know where the other person is. They might be in the UK, down the road from me, or they might be halfway across the world. Quite frankly, that in itself is amazing.

As bloggers, I think we share something very important in common. The desire to write and share. And through you guys reading, following, liking and commenting, I’ve found others – readers, writers, gamers and movie-lovers. People who have led interesting lives, and those that make the mundane seem exciting. I race home from work, switch on my laptop and try to read as many blogs as I can. There are so many new ones every day, and unfortunately I can’t read them all. But I do love reading them, and it’s much more of an experience – and a bigger part of my life – than I would have thought a year ago.

And knowing that others have read my blog and got the same pleasure that I get from reading others, well, that makes it all worth it really.

So thank you. Thank you for being out there and checking this place out. Thank you for showing reading and for posting your own blogs, for letting me know when you like something I’ve put up on here.

I think of this place as my little corner of the internet, and never thought there would be five – let alone fifty! – people interested enough to follow. So, again, cheers.

Diolch yn fawr, and enjoy your weekend.


Epic win for you! Congrats!

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