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{May 21, 2013}   A Little Help?

I started this blog with the aim of promoting myself as a writer. I kind of…slipped away from that, I guess. I did post some fiction up in the early days, but never got much of a response. Plus, I mostly feel difficult to talk about writing when I don’t really have anything, yet, to promote. I’m constantly writing though, constantly working on something and most of my stuff can be found on Fictionpress, for those who are interested.

For the past year, I’ve been toying with the idea of self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle. I guess, mainly, to see how well something I’ve written can do in the real world, to see if people would be interested. I’ve had the story written in its first draft for a couple of years now, and have worked on it, on and off, since leaving University. A while back, I’d finished. Well, sort of.

What I mean is, I’ve got to that point where there’s nothing more I can do with the novella, without some feedback. I did pass it to friends, but they’ve been busy and never got back to me. I also had a friend working on a cover, but again, she became too busy. (I assume. She’s never mentioned it.)

So I’m asking for help.

Specifically, I’m asking for help in two areas.

I need a beta-reader. Or two, or three…I was going to try to get Play the Game professionally edited, but the cost is way out of my price range. I’m just looking for someone who is willing to read over the novella, give me some feedback and let me know – with brutal honesty – what they think. If it’s a book they’d buy (or wouldn’t, and why not?) and what they liked/didn’t like. In return, I’d be willing to do the same for them, for anything; short stories, novellas, novels. I’m also happy to feature anyone on the blog. Either a guest blog, interview, or review something of theirs. So, if you’re interested, just drop me an e-mail at gracebunting@hotmail.co.uk.

Secondly, a book cover. I’m not sure what the standard rates are, but if you have anyone you’ve used or you are interested, please let me know. I’d accept recommendations, points in the right direction, or offers. Right now, I just need to know where I stand. I know that with this, there’s more of a chance I might have to pay, but like I said, if you have any recommendations – or budding artist friends – just drop me an e-mail or comment.

My plan at the moment is to have someone (or a couple of people) read over the book and give me some feedback, make the changes, maybe have it read again. Once that’s done, I think I’m going to give myself a few months to format and market, get the cover sorted and anything else that needs to be done. All the non-writing stuff.

Every little step helps, right?


beatthemtodeathwiththeirownshoes says:

How long is the novella Grace?

It’s around 32,500 words. Give or take a few.

beatthemtodeathwiththeirownshoes says:

I’d be happy to read it for you… If you just wanted some general notes. I tend to read a bit of everything and don’t have a fav genre. I’m about to start writing a new piece for myself, but have a window. (sounds awfully professional, darling) I’m not much of a critic, but an okay sounding board! john.carnell@talktalk.net 🙂

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