Of Musings and Wonderings

{June 3, 2013}   So Much To Do…

At the start of the month I mentioned how much I had going on. The plan was to get reviews of the Whitesnake/Journey gig up last Monday, with the review of Thorpe Park coming today. Problem was, I got hit by a pretty bad cold last week after the gig. The whole week was pretty much written off. My head ached, I couldn’t stop coughing and my brain just did not want to function. Ended up pretty much stuck in bed for two days, dosed up on medication that my brother very nicely went to pick up for me. But I managed to just about recover in time to head to Thorpe Park, and spent the two days there coughing and spluttering but having an amazing time.

This has, however, meant I missed a lot of blog posts last week. There is no way I’m going to be able to catch up on them all, but I will try to read as many as I can before I head back to work tomorrow. I’m also going to try to get the reviews up today, but if I can’t get the Thorpe Park one up that’ll have to come over the next couple of days. I do have some decent photos to put up, too, but my phone currently doesn’t want to connect to my laptop so I’m going to need to sort that out.

Anyway, just wanted to let people know I am still around, and still alive, and that there should be a fair few posts coming from me over the next week. Mind you, I usually say that – I think I said it quite recently – and something else always seems to come up. Fingers crossed this time I’ll actually be able to do it.


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