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{September 13, 2013}   The Addiction Returns, 2013, Part II

Part One

Last Year: Part One, Part Two

Glee – September 26th

Last I heard, Glee was going to do two Beatles episodes and a special tribute to Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson, and then it was going to be a case of wait and see. But apparently they’ve been renewed for a sixth (and possibly) last season, so now it’s more of a case of can they actually keep doing it for two more seasons.

I love Glee. When it came out, I avoided it thinking it would be some sort of TV High School Musical, but a friend of mine made me watch it, saying I would love it, and I did. The first couple of seasons had a nice mix of songs, from current pop, classic rock and musicals. It was different and interesting. But the songs now seemed to be mostly pop songs, or whatever is popular at the time of filming, and a lot of the diversity in music is gone. Saying that, the last series was more grown up. It had harder hitting story lines, dealing with Catfish(ing?), male prostitution and a school shooting. It looked like Glee was shifting in a more serious direction.

The way I see it, Glee could shift in one of two ways. Overly happy and joyful, trying to draw attention away from the tragedy earlier this year, or it could become more sombre, dark, as it tackles issues of drugs, among other things. Though maybe it could strike a balance, maybe it could find a strange middle-ground. It’s hard to tell at this stage. I’m not sure Glee will survive a fifth season, let alone a sixth. It all depends, really, on what they chose to explore. Keep an eye out on my thoughts on this one once the first few episodes have been aired.

Once Upon A Time – September 29th

Look at all the archetypes! Yeah, it’s really hard to find trailers for continuing series that aren’t just clips of the previous season. Anyway. Once Upon A Time initially followed the tale of Emma, as she arrives in Storybrooke with her son, and discovers the town has more to it than meets the eye. (This and Haven have a fair bit in common, on that level.) The end of the first season saw magic arrive, the second season saw people trying to destroy magic, as well as Regina’s mother arriving in town. To be honest, the second season felt like two seasons pushed into one, but it still worked.

Now, with this season, we get to go to Neverland with Captain Hook, and face the dark, evil Peter Pan. One of the things I love about the show is how they deal with these characters. We know them all from the stories, but Once Upon A Time takes the traditional representations and flips them. Plus, the company that produces it is owned by Disney, so they get to have some neat references thrown in, as well as adapting stories, songs and clothes from the films many would have grown up with. They’ve managed to mix in some great stories and somehow, make it all work together, and now we get to see another world thrown in. Honestly, out of the series that are already around, I think I’m most excited for this one, so far. Well, except for…

Supernatural – October 8th

When I finally get the photos uploaded and a blog post about Cardiff Comic Con, you will realise how much I actually love this show.

It’s amazing, but even after eight seasons Supernatural keeps introducing us to new characters, monsters and demons. It’s still fresh, Dean and Sam are still brilliantly funny and witty, and the feels. Oh, God, the feels!! If you haven’t watched this, go do it. There’s something for everyone. Hot guys. Great storylines. Horror and comedy and touches of romance. I wrote my dissertation on the show, and still cannot get enough. It makes me laugh and cry. It knows exactly what tone to strike and when. So yeah, check it out, and then get ready for October 8th.

Arrow – October 9th

“I don’t want to be called the hood anymore.” “Well, what do you want to be called?” And we all know where that’s going.

So THIS is how you do a continuing series trailer. Half showing the end of the last series, half showing clips from the next. And did you see that at the end? There’s a lot to get excited for in this promo, and it looks like the season is going to ramp things up for Oliver and co. Yes, I only just finished the first series, so maybe that’s why I’m so hyped up for this. Arrow promises more action, a bigger bunker of toys and, it looks like, more from the supporting characters. But, damn it,  did they have to kill Tommy?

So, there you have it. The second part of my fall season run-down. Next up; the last four, premiering throughout October. (One brand new series, one continuation, one spin-off and one based off a very good book. Go on, take a guess.)

I am always on the look out for new things to watch and read. So if there’s a TV show, film or book you think I should check out, e-mail me or comment below.


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