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{September 19, 2013}   Haven – 4×1: Fallout [TV]

Haven-614x400At the end of season three, Nathan shoots the man he sees as responsible for Audrey having to disappear. Audrey jumps into the barn, Duke leaps after her, and Nathan is left in Haven with meteors falling all around. The question lingers; did they stop the troubles, and what will happen to Duke and Audrey?

Season four’s first episode starts with us seeing Duke in the barn. Here, he can hear conversations between Audrey and Howard, gets glimpses of her before being sucked out and ending up in a tank in an aquarium. Duke is put in hospital under the watchful eye of the police, who arrest him for what they find in his belongings. Six months have passed, though to Duke it felt like minutes.

A young woman comes to visit Duke, and explains that she heard Audrey and Howard talking. Duke quickly realises she must have heard the voices from the barn, and together they get Duke out of the hospital and back to Haven. Nathan has gone off the radar, with the guard after him for killing Howard, putting the blame on him for the troubles still existing.

Yeah, the troubles haven’t gone away, and the town is in a much bigger mess than ever before.Haven - Season 4When we first met Audrey at the start of the first season, we knew little about her. Hell, she didn’t know anything about herself. But it was revealed, slowly, that all her thoughts and memories actually came from someone else, a different Audrey Parker. Still, Audrey was, well, Audrey, a woman who was kind hearted and good, who could help people with troubles and who was strong and independent. Even when we met the previous version of her (Sarah), she was still good and kind. And now, with season four, Audrey’s memories are once again wiped and she has become Lexie, who we meet as a bargirl. It feels strange, as Lexie is very, very different from Audrey. She freaks out at the sight of a gun, and one of the first things we learn about her is that she’s looking for a guy. Honestly, if Audrey met Lexie she would probably wonder what the hell the girl was doing.

And yeah, in enters potential love interest, a guy who comes into the bar who, you know, just seems oh so different from the others that come in. Frankly, I was beginning to freak out. Come on! Audrey and Nathan are totally meant to be together! Even as Sarah, she fell in love with him. So who’s this new guy, who she could possibly fall in love…


Oh. Wait.

If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, move away now because, y’know, spoilers.

haven-fallout-1The girl who helped Duke escape reveals what she heard in the barn. In an effort to get the guard off his back, Nathan tells them what he and the girl know. That to stop the troubles, for good (not just for twenty-seven years), Audrey has to kill the man she loves. Her son thought it would mean killing him, but as she didn’t remember or find him until the end, that’s not the case. Audrey knew it meant Nathan, so went into the barn instead of killing him and remaining in Haven. But now, with the introduction of the guy Lexie seems to be falling pretty hard for, maybe Nathan won’t be the one who has to die? But he doesn’t know that, and is willing to try to get Audrey to kill him to stop it all from happening again and again and again.

I really don’t know how to feel about it, if this is the way things play out. I love Nathan, and would hate to see him killed off. But it does feel like him and Audrey/Lexie are supposed to be together, and one of the interesting things about the show is watching them sort of drift towards each other, watching their relationship grow over the seasons and seeing how their love is developed. None of it is rushed or feels forced, it feels natural. If this guy becomes the new love interest, then it seems it’s going to be a lot quicker than Nathan and Audrey’s slow burning relationship.


Cowering-from-the-storm-in-FalloutSo, the first episode brings us – and Duke – back to Haven, fills us briefly in on what’s been happening, and reveals what’s happened to Audrey, even when the rest of the characters have no clue as to where she is. Mysteries are piled on, troubles are causing, well, trouble, and The Grey Gull is being run by Duke’s brother. (I don’t remember him having a brother, and it seems he doesn’t either…?) It sets the tone for what looks like another great season for the show, and I can’t wait to see what else happens in Haven, season four.

If you’ve seen the show, any theories on where it might go from here? Do you agree with what I said about Nathan/the new love interest? Let me know in the comments.

I’m always looking out for new things to watch and read. If you have a book out, let me know. If there’s something you think I’d enjoy, or just something you think everyone should check out, I’m always willing to try new things. So yeah, let me know in the comments or e-mail me on gracebunting@hotmail.co.uk.


Yeah, this was a really intense premiere. Not sure if I’d want the new guy to become Audrey/Lexie love interest as had enough of ‘side romance’ with Jason Priestley’s character. Any choice between shipping Nathan-Audrey or Duke-Audrey is OK with me, though I much prefer the first coupling over the other, but getting to watch Lexie/Audrey with yet some one else… better not. Regarding Audrey/Lexie being totally different, I have this theory (or at least I hope it goes similar to it) that since the 27 year cycle of the barn was disrupted with Nathan killing Howard, the whole erasing old Audrey thing gone somehow wrong and at some time she’ll not only start to regain all of her memories (maybe even memories of her earlier incarnations as Sarah and Lucy), but she’ll also become more and more like she is supposed to be, that is Audrey. As I said, I really would love such a scenario 🙂 And thus at some time Nathan-Audrey could pick up where they’ve left and keep on nurturing their relationship with occasional tease from Duke, etc., figuring on the go that there might be yet another way to stop troubles…

oh, and regarding Duke having brother, in season 2 there was an episode in which some troubled guy was causing troubles because he was reading the Bible and what he was reading came to reality. In that episode every single first born was about to die, but Duke was OK ’cause he wasn’t a first born. Not sure if it was mentioned if he had brother (s) or sister (s), but as much was made clear

I really like the idea of her regaining her memories. Maybe just small things at first, like instinctively fighting (FBI training) and being all like “How did I know to do that…” or maybe medicine/first aid, like Sarah. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. But yeah, I don’t want this new ‘love interest’ to be a real love interest. I’d rather see her fall in love with Nathan again as Lexie. I’ve started reading The Colorodo Kid on my Kindle, and so far…it’s pretty different. Dave and Vince aren’t brothers, Dave’s surname is Bowie. (Nice one, King) but I’m eager to see what they actually picked up from the book and what they changed.

Ahhh okay, So maybe it is his brother. Again, something else that should be interesting to see pan out. Thanks for the comments.

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