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{September 24, 2013}   Mud [Film Review]

Mud_posterMud is the story of two boys, who discover a strange man hanging out in a boat caught in a tree. A boat the boys want. In exchange for their help, the man – Mud – promises they can have the boat when he’s done. Turns out, Mud is waiting for his girlfriend to turn up, at which point they’ll ride away happily into the sunset.

So, of course, that doesn’t happen.

This is one of those films I can’t help but think of as Oscar bait. Or just plain old pretentious. It feels like there should be a message here, like the film is really trying hard to say something, but it gets lost in everything else it’s trying to say. Is this about judgment? About protecting people? About the way people screw each other, failed relationships or about how the way of life of some people is being destroyed? It’s all crammed in, and the film feels like it trips over itself as it goes through everything about the people involved.

The film itself is slow. It drags on. There’s nothing terribly exciting about it and even the mystery of Mud was a little weak. As it turns out, he’s just…well, a good guy. He seems pretty simple, but this is never really expanded on. Or maybe he’s not meant to be like that, and the character just…well, fell flat. Not that it was all bad, but the good parts felt a little overshadowed. There wasn’t really much to the ending, either. Just a shoot out, with Mud disappearing during it leaving the two boys to wonder if he’s alive or not.

It felt like there was going to be a twist or some big reveal at the end. We were betting on it turning out that Mud and his love interest are actually siblings. But, nope, nothing of the sort. The film just plodded on and left us relieved when it finally ended.

Really wasn’t fussed on this one. I’d suggest giving it a miss, unless you really like these type of films (and there are people out there who do, oddly.) Just wasn’t for me.

Always on the look out for new things to read and watch. If you have a film, TV series or novel you think I should check out, just comment or drop me an e-mail.


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