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{September 26, 2013}   Doll Parts – Wayne Simmons

doll-parts-wayne-simmonsA group of survivors set up home in Belfast’s airport, trying to establish a life for themselves while the beautiful undead take over outside.

Doll Parts is definitely a different take on zombies. Okay, some of it is the usual stuff that keeps cropping up. We have the different groups who unite to survive, the eccentric characters, the going-off-the-rails-leader. But underneath all that is something that brings this novel up and makes it unique.

For starters, the zombies themselves aren’t your traditional rambling undead. Instead, there are moments where see real humanity seeping through or, at the very least, some sort of logic left behind. There are three girls who attack the one guy, Barry, and it emerges that he actually raped them. There are the characters themselves; Star, a spunky tattoo artist, Red, a doctor who helps the survivors in what little ways he can, and Cole, a man with a dash of split personality. Lastly, we have the zombies themselves. Like I said, they’re not the traditional kind. Instead, Simmons creates a group of undead, beautiful women who are more patient than we usually see in the undead. Oh, and they disappear when the rain arrives.

Cole is perhaps the most interesting and strongest character in the story. The POV switches – sometimes a little too quickly – but it was always Cole’s that kept drawing me back. Partly because of the two personalities he has living inside his head, who have some brilliant scenes of their own even in Cole’s mind, and partly because he just has this take on the world and the Dolls around him that made him more interesting to read about.

Some of it was a little weak in places. Like I said, the POV sometimes switched quickly, especially near the beginning which made it hard to keep track of the characters, But after a few chapters, the story picked up and the book became harder to put down. For some reason, I completely missed the fact that this is a sequel, so I’ll have to pick up the first book to see what I missed.

If you’re looking for a zombie fiction that’s a little different, Doll Parts should be right up your street.

If you have any recommendations for things I should watch or read, just let me know in the comments. or e-mail me at gracebunting@hotmail.co.uk.


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