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{September 27, 2013}   Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – 1×1 [TV]

marvels_agents_of_shield_640_large_verge_medium_landscapeIf you couldn’t tell from my first Addiction Returns post, I was very much hyped up for this film. I loved The Avengers, I think Joss Whedon is a genius, and let’s face it, Agent Coulson’s death left a bitter taste in all our mouths. But, hey, guess what! He’s alive! And he’s gathering his own team.

The first episode is pretty much a standard introduce the characters and bring them together affair. But of course, it’s not just standard despite my earlier words. This is something that feels fresh, it’s witty, funny and intelligent, and the main characters aren’t the ones with superpowers. Instead, they’re humans. Plain, ordinary humans. Well, except for the fact that two of them are British geniuses, one is a top notch computer hacker, one is Mulan (not even joking) and the last is a top spy, S.H.I.E.L.D’s own James Bond. And, following on from The Avengers, none of them are really team players.

Oh, and let’s not forget the guy who comes back from the dead.


Yeah, I'm alive. Get over it.

Yeah, I’m alive. Get over it.

As things unravel in the show, it just gets more and more interesting. And, of course, there’s the humour. It was this that partly made Avengers great, the ability to have moments of pure laugh out loud joy. It’s a brilliant talent of Whedon’s, not to mention the actors involved to pull it off. Of course, underlying all this are the darker elements that could potentially come out over the course of the show. When we first see Phil Coulson, we get an explanation along the lines of Fury faking the agent’s death to rally The Avengers. Coulson, apparently, recovered in Tahiti (which he keeps mentioning as a magical place. What did you do there, Phil? I’m betting it was drugs.) but a comment Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) makes implies Phil’s ‘resurrection’ was something a lot different.

By focusing on the humans, it feels like we’re going to get a very different take on superheroes. We’re not dealing with billionaires (though they do have some cool toys), super soldiers or gods, but they are mentioned. We get to see a different side, get to see the people directly affected by these heroes, as well as getting glimpses into the fame of Thor, Stark, Captain American and the Hulk. There’s a nice speech made by the closest thing to a superhero near the end, where he talks about how he has been lied to and pushed down by ‘you’, talking to Phil Coulson but, it seems, in reality talking to the faceless ‘man’ (you know, the one that is usually proceeded by ‘the’) about how he has been told all it takes to make it is to be good, be a man, try hard. Yeah, it’s social commentary at its obvious, but it’s a valid point and truth be told, it’s one of those moments where you just get glued to the speech and feel really connected to the man speaking, even if does have super-strength.

A good man with a lot of bad breaks.

A good man with a lot of bad breaks.

It’s great to see Whedon with another TV show, and judging from the first episode, it’s going to be just as good as (if not better than) some of his past ones. Let’s just hope he holds back from killing off the most loveable characters.

Without a doubt, I’d suggest watching this one. I, for one, will be keeping my eye firmly on it.

Yeah, what he said.

Yeah, what he said.






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