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{October 7, 2013}   When Stars Die – Amber Skye Forbes [Books – New Release]

WhenStarsDie-1900x2850When Stars Die, released 22nd October 2013, (AEC Stellar Publishing Inc) is a paranormal romance by writer Amber Skye Forbes. The book is the first in The Stars Trilogy, and tells the tale of witch Amelia, haunted by shadowy figures as she tries to protect her brother. When she realises her brother can see the figures too, the pair are plunged into a dark and dangerous world. They unite with Oliver Cromwell, described as a dangerously attractive priest.

Not having read it myself, (but planning on doing so) I’ll give you some comments from some others who have managed to read this.

(From the press release)

SORIN SUCIU, author of the contemporary fantasy, The Scriptlings:

“Amber’s writing is dark, marked by suffering and a deep understanding of what makes us tick, not to mention tock. Her devastating first-person narrative and present tense combo makes it hard not to be drawn into the story. While “When Stars Die” is categorized under Romance, there is so much more to it than that. Indeed, I would even argue that romance is not even the main dish, but rather the subtle spice that takes the whole plate up a notch.”

CL MANNARINO, avid reader of Young Adult Romance:

“This is a fascinating and thoughtfully plotted debut, and well-written in the technical sense. As my first Christian book, or any book with heavy overtones of spirituality or religiousness, When Stars Die has certainly been an entertaining read.”

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