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{October 10, 2013}   Glee – 5×02 [TV]

502GLE_502-sc28pt_0350_1-e1379623351138-600x403So, due to the nature of them, I did promise I’d talk about the first three episodes of Glee. I know, I know, it’s been a week since it aired, but it’s been a busy week for me. The reason I want to talk about these three, when I’m only talking about the first episode of everything else, is because they’re all tributes. The first two are tributes to one of the most legendary bands ever (The Beatles), and the third episode will be a tribute to Finn. Because I love The Beatles and because the whole current context of the show, I really wanted a chance to put my thoughts out there on how Glee seems to be tackling these tributes.

In case I didn’t mention it last time, I love The Beatles. Their songs, to me, are universal. Everyone can relate to them, even now. For example, my favourite ever Beatles song, Revolution. Yes, everyone thinks of their love songs when thinking of the band, but to me, Revolution is one of their best. And I couldn’t help but think of it a few years ago when I was walking through University and a group had ‘taken over’ one of the buildings, in protest against the rise of tuition fees. So when this episode had Tina singing the song, I was a little bit excited and a bit apprehensive. Could she pull it off? Would it work? Would it fall…oh, never mind, it got cut off.

Let’s face it, the cast of the show can’t come close to being as good as The Beatles. In my own personal, humble opinion, they’re not even as good as the cast of my favourite Beatles-based musical, Across The Universe. But they do try. And the story…well, it’s Glee, the story is a bit forced. It’s prom, and we have the nominations for Prom Queen. Kitty, although not in the right year, is nominated alongside Tina and a few other cheerleaders. In a surprisingly unselfish act for Kitty, she decides to throw her support behind Tina. But one of the other cheerleaders isn’t happy with this and tries to get people to vote for Kitty.

glee beatlesUnlike the previous episode, this one focuses on only a few of the cast. Sam, Kitty and Tina, and, in New York, Rachel and Santana. It works much better as we can get more drawn in, can get our heads around the sometimes flimsy storylines peppered with The Beatles’ later works. Okay, so they didn’t do too bad of a job, and on a superficial level, on a ‘fitting it around the songs’ kind of thing, it does work. Sort of. Though the plot lines remain…well, silly. For example, Sam. I love Sam, and I’d like to see him focused on more, but does it always have to be about a girl? Actually, do all the main characters always have to be searching for or wanting someone or involved with someone? Sam, in this episode, starts fancying a nurse who is fired for being incompetent. Then rehired because Sam asks Sue (the new principle) very nicely.

Err…seriously? If I was a parent of a kid at this school, I’d be pissed off. The school is terrible! They have a nurse who can’t actually do anything, who goes to put a shot in the kid after just sticking it in a sausage, who makes more and more mistakes. It’s…really, guys? I don’t ask a lot of Glee, especially in terms of realism, but this was just idiotic.

Anyway! It’s still fun, still managing to make you smile in some points, even when things are just getting ridiculous. And yeah, the songs are still the main draw, still the best part, especially in New York when we get to see Rachel, Santana and Kurt dancing around with a whole load of other people.

Yay, we got a song. The focus is on us for all of five seconds.

Yay, we got a song. The focus is on us for all of five seconds.

I just have one other thing that’s really bugging me. Tonight, they air the tribute episode to Finn. It should be sad, serious and sombre. It should have an impact, and I think the tears on any of the cast will be real. And yet…there’s absolutely no mention of him in either of the two episodes, no potential build up to what’s going to happen. I mean, surely they could have dropped in a line or two about “Oh, yeah, Finn’s doing this right now” or “I just heard from Finn” or whatever. It’s a nit-picky point, but he is Finn’s brother, Ryder’s mentor, the guy who brought the kid out of his shell, and, well, the whole thing with him and Rachel. And just…nothing? I feel like they could have done with just reminding us, a little, of what’s happened and preparing us for what we’re about to see. C’mon, Glee, you really can do better than this.

Any thoughts? Liking Glee right now, hating it, any ideas about the next episode?



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