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{October 13, 2013}   Supernatural – 9×1 [TV]

supernatural-season-9-posterLast time we saw Dean and Sam, Sam was a little worse for wear from the trials, and Dean was watching as angels dropped from the sky. The first episode of the ninth series starts with Dean and Sam in the now iconic (for the show) Impala, driving along as Sam flicks through a newspaper and comments on how there doesn’t seem to be anything to indicate what happened to the angels after they fell. Dean, however, drops a bombshell on Sam when he tells him he’s dying. Cut to Dean in hospital, Sam in a coma, and it becomes clear that in the Impala, Dean and Sam are simply aspects of Sam’s personality, Dean representing the part that wants to keep fighting.

The episode continues with Dean searching desperately for a way to save his brother, praying originally to Castiel but unable to get through. He sends an open message to any of the angels that have fallen, promising that if they help him save his brother, he will help them in return.

Of course, the angels are pretty pissed off. Not just at the Winchesters, but at Castiel, too. One comes after Dean, trying to make him tell them where Cas is. Dean doesn’t know, and is saved by another angel who promises to help his brother.

supernatural-season-9-premiere-1Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the Winchesters cheat death. And cheating death always comes at a price. Sam doesn’t ‘give up’, he just wants peace and seeks it from Death himself, who promises that if Sam lets himself die, it will be final and he will not be brought back. Dean sweeps in before Sam can complete the deal, and Dean’s price is knowing that Sam isn’t coming back as just Sam. But, then again, when is Sam ever ‘just Sam’? Demon blood, trials, blah blah blah. Sam always has some sort of ‘otherness’ about him, something inside him that’s not human. So really, just another day in the life of the Winchester brothers.

In truth, Sam’s role in the TV series is becoming a bit, well, predictable. And it feels like the majority of the time, the show focuses the main plot arc on him rather than Dean. Hell, Dean was almost the one to do the trials but, nope, Sammy had to leap in and do them himself. Yet to me, Dean carries the majority of the show. With Sam lying in a coma, it’s Dean you feel sorry for. Dean who reaches out to the angels who hate him. Dean who, previously, made a deal with a crossroads demon to save Sam’s life. Dean who has the best lines, Dean who usually steps up to do what needs to be done and Sam who tries to avoid it and tries to run away when he can.

I Think I'm Gonna Like it HereYou know what. If anyone with any power over the Supernatural universe is reading this, do me a favour. Throw your fans a bone. Go back to the monster of the week format. I’m not saying they should get rid of the over-arching storylines, and to me the show is still strong and I do still love it, but the best episodes are the ones where Sam and Dean ride in to some small town and have to fight some new monster. It wasn’t just all angels and demons. Christ, this is a show that explored myths and legends from around the world, not just Christianity. We saw old gods gathered together at one point, yet they seem to have been pushed aside in favour of this Heaven and Hell battle, and the total focus on that, with tablets and trials and such. Is it too much to ask to just use what made Supernatural great in the first place?

Back to the episode!

So, it sets us up for season nine, sets us up for seeing Sam struggle more with who or what he is, and puts forth the idea that the angels aren’t just going to leave the Winchesters and Cas alone. Plus, they have Crowley locked in a trunk, and it’s unlikely the demons are going to leave them alone either. Should be an exciting season. I just hope they have more to deal with than just angels/demons. (See: rant. Above.)

Wait a second…IS Crowley still locked in their trunk? So, they’re going to, what, exactly? Just travel around with him, like a demon-on-hand? He’s the King of Hell, for crying out loud! And it’s CROWLEY! I want to see him torment the Winchesters, not just ride around in their trunk for the rest of the season. And now I’m wondering what they really will do with him…

Any theories on this season of Supernatural? Any thoughts on the episode?


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