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{November 2, 2013}   Arrow – 2×01 [TV]

arrow_season_2_poster_smallSeason two starts off with Oliver back on the island, though unlike previous episodes this isn’t a flashback. It seems a lot easier for him to get back and forth now, as he flees there after the devastation in the Glades and Tommy’s death. There, Felicity and Diggle find him, and bring him back home. Back in Starling City, Oliver learns of a group imitating the Hood, as they seek revenge for the events in the Glades and attack the rich of the city who, they feel, let down the people who died. Oh, and of course Laurel gets caught in the middle of it.

Oliver is all cut up about what happened to Tommy and the Glades, and is reluctant to put the hood back on. Instead, he focuses on trying to save his family’s business. And while he’s been away, his little sister has taken over the club and refuses to give it back to him. Not that he seems eager to have it back. But, wait, she can run a whole business successfully, with seeming no outside help (Oliver did have Tommy to help him out) except her boyfriend who can’t be more than twenty, twenty-one, when she can’t even drink yet? How does that make sense?

Anyway. The Hoods blame the Queen family for what happened in the Glades, kidnap Oliver’s sister and of course, that makes him don the hood again and go after them.

Oliver Queen, holding a green arrow. Whatever could it mean?

Oliver Queen, holding a green arrow. Whatever could it mean?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Arrow. And I did think it was a decent episode. But there are plot holes and some of it does tilt towards plain silly. Some of it just doesn’t make sense, and at times it can feel a little forced, a little…stilted. But still, the episode itself does a good enough job as an introduction to the second season. We get a look at Oliver’s new hideout, done out by Felicity. We see the other characters, what they’re now doing with their lives and get hints of them possibly heading towards another route (such as Speedy’s boyfriend, who looks set to become a sidekick to Oliver). Nice build up, even if the bad guys were a little meh.

I want to see some proper bad guys. I thought The Count could be a brilliant reoccurring character, and I think he was my favourite villain, especially with his over the top comic-book-like behaviour. It felt like Oliver took him down a little too easily, and he did look set to make a reappearance, which he did (awesome!)…

Until we found out he was so bat shit insane he wasn’t going to be doing anything to try to foil the Hood.

And with the second archer gone, the list no longer needed, Arrow really needs a good villain. Fingers crossed they give something a bit more substantial in this series, a more interesting and maybe just a little bit more complicated bad guy for Oliver to go after.



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