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{November 3, 2013}   The Tomorrow People – 1×1 [TV]

The Tomorrow PeopleA bunch of good-looking teenagers have amazing powers, and must hide themselves from an organisation that is trying to track them down. Main character discovers his powers and finds out Daddy left to protect him and his family. He is found by other kids with the same powers, then by the organisation and then finds out he might just be more powerful than all of them.

Dun dun duuun!

Pilot was okay. There were some pretty cool fighting scenes, even when the characters couldn’t use their cool ‘can pretty much do anything’ powers. The story though feels pretty much standard. It’s the whole big bad guy (who might just be the best damn character out of the whole lot), pretending to be good and nice to some of them while acting like shit to others, tracking down unique individuals who are hiding underground. Kid comes in, and everyone pins their hopes for a better life on him.

The premise is all laid out and the season is set up. It looks like it could be fun to watch, though nothing amazing. Still, the effects work well enough and there’s enough eye candy for both guys and girls to enjoy. And if that’s the sort of thing you like, it’s probably worth watching. I just hope they try to make the plot a little less standard as the series goes on.


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