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{November 6, 2013}   Flu – Wayne Simmons [Book Review]

ZombieI honestly wasn’t going to pick up another Wayne Simmons book so soon after reading Doll Parts, but two things happened. Firstly, I found out he was one of the brilliant people putting together Scardiff and secondly, I found this just sitting on my Kindle, already purchased and unread. At this point, I had Drop Dead Gorgeous coming my way, after deciding to try reading it as Doll Parts was the sequel. Thought I should get the whole story and not base everything on the one book (I’ll go into that a bit more in my review for Drop Dead Gorgeous)

I will admit, I am so very happy I’ve read all three of them now.

Flu follows various survivors as they come to terms with the growing numbers of undead around them. The virus starts out as a seemingly normal, if severe, illness, but mutates into something more. Something worse. Eventually, the dead come alive and start attacking anything and anyone in sight.

It’s becoming more difficult for me to find a decent zombie book. But I have been fortunate so far, and Flu was written so well I felt myself totally engrossed in the daily struggles of the various characters. We get to really feel what they’re feeling, get to see what they witness day by day, and experience what it must be like to be trapped in a city as the dead slowly close in.

And of course, set against the backdrop of Belfast, there are elements of the city’s past – and present – woven into the story. The distrust of police, the former IRA member, and the hints towards the awful things the army did to the city years before. A lot of zombie novels I’ve read are set in the US (except Zombie Britannica which I wasn’t that impressed with), and they don’t often touch upon the history of the setting. It’s a nice change to see it used, to great effect, here.

Flu drags you along with it on a tale of survival and hope, with a cast of characters that feel like real, solid people. Well worth a read for anyone who likes zombies.


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