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{November 21, 2013}   The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man! – S.C. Rhyne [Books]

the reporter and the girlThe Reporter and the Girl (Minus The Super Man) is the story of Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury, two people who couldn’t be more different, who find each other through an online dating site, making sparks fly from the moment they talk.

It’s not a love story. There’s no fluffy, light-hearted romance here. Instead, it’s more like watching trains crash, one you can see from miles away that you have no power to stop. Just got to stand there and watch two trains come hurtling towards each other, unable to stop.

The writing is interesting in itself. A little bit difficult, at first, but easy enough to get into after a few pages. It’s a little jumpy, flicking between one scene and the next, but it works to add to the overall feel of this book, and in a way it makes it feel more realistic, as communication is mixed and misunderstood, as the characters try to come to terms with each other and understand where the other is coming from, while both remaining fixed in their own view of the world.

And these are not likable characters. Okay, you feel for them. You want to see them happy and yet there are many times where I, anyway, felt like banging their heads together. And it’s brilliant! It doesn’t feel like reading a fictional book. It feels like reading a very true story of two people who just don’t click. Right from the moment they meet, it feels like seeing a good friend get involved with someone so totally not right for them. You know it’s going to end badly, but they really don’t, and it spirals out of control until there’s absolutely nothing you or anyone can do for either party.

At times, Sabrien feels a little arrogant, a little too much above herself and like she thinks she’s better than others, especially Jon. And Jon is at times ignorant and selfish, unclear, unable to say what he really means. Actually, that last part works for both of them. Neither seems able to just say what they need to, and they feel like they hide behind masks of what they think the other will want, at least for a while.

And yet, like I said, you do feel for them. They’re not bad people, they’re just like the rest of us. There are moments when I cheered Sabrien on, times where I wanted to cry for her, and times when I just wanted to hug her. And their flaws just add to both characters. It works brilliantly.

Everyone who has persisted in a relationship despite all logic and reason will relate to this book. Actually, scrap that. Everyone who has been in a relationship that has failed – whether it was magical and wonderful or doomed to fail from the start – will relate. Romances in books can sometimes feel fake, or forced, without all the small parts that make up a relationship or its demise. But this isn’t like that. It builds up what these characters have, even if it happens fast, and lets us, as readers, see exactly why these characters are together and why they fail, why they clash so badly. What I’m trying to say is that Sabrien and Jon feel oh so real.



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Pre-order the e-book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/369918

Release Date: November 26th


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I enjoyed reading your review and I will be ordering the book.

I like this review. It’s close to how I felt when I read the book. Good luck.

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