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{January 12, 2014}   Lords Of Salam [Film]

lords of salemSomething strange starts happening when local DJ Heidi receives an album, with no information except the name of the band Lords of Salem. As she listens to it, she begins to see things. Hallucinations invade her life and her friends try to help, but unfortunately Heidi is under the grip of a group of witches, burnt at the stake during the Salem witch trials. The music affects other women in the community, too, anyone whose ancestor was part of the group who tracked down and killed the witches.

The premise is actually sort of interesting, and could have made for a much, much better movie. As it is, Lords Of Salem tries way too hard to be different and a little edgy, with over the top ‘trippy’ scenes, a rock DJ with a history of drug abuse as the main character, and, oh look, the standard academic guy who twigs what’s going on before anyone else.

To be honest, this film was crap. Do me a favour and just…give it a miss.

The characters are bland, the dialogue feels forced and there’s no real connection between any of them. There are a few short scenes where things feel a bit more natural, but they’re overshadowed by the strangeness of the whole thing. And the climax of the film…oh, God. It was just so unbelievably weird. It was like watching a really shitty metal band trying to make a unique and ‘oh this gonna be awesome, dude’ music video. Just way too much squeezed in.

So in short. Crap characters, potentially good plot completely wasted, and trying too hard to be weird and trippy. Like I said, give it a miss.



CMrok93 says:

I can tell that Zombie is getting better and more ambitious as a film-maker, and I hope this means that he’ll actually be able to give us something worth seeing. Or, that’s at least better than just a bunch of blood, gore and disturbing images. Good review.

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