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{January 12, 2014}   The Wolverine [Film]

wolverineLogan is summoned to Japan, where he meets an old acquaintance with a dying wish and a possible way for Logan to move on with his life.

The film takes place after the events of the third X-Men movie, and Logan is coping with the death of Jean Grey, seeing her in his dreams as she tries to coax him towards death. While fighting for his life and to protect the daughter of his old acquaintance, he also battles his internal demons and tries to come to terms with his current life.

I love Wolverine. Since I was a kid and watched the X-Men cartoons, he and Rogue have been my favourite characters. The trilogy of films kind of ruined Rogue a little for me. Not because of Anna Paquin, but because the character just seemed…crap. But not Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is awesome, and he does Wolverine brilliantly. But even I, with my love for the character, feel like there’s just been too damn much of him. And we’re even going to get it in Days of Future Past, where it’s Wolverine who goes back in time.

Unfortunately, The Wolverine does not help the feeling that there is too much of his presence in these films.

wolverine 2The plot is weak and predictable. Wolverine falls for the…I kind of want to call her the princess, because that’s pretty much what she is, even if she doesn’t have any royal blood. Basically, she’s been pampered her whole life, and is targeted by strange people after her father’s death. It’s a typical story line that we’ve seen so many times before. And yeah, Wolverine falls ends up fancying the pants off her, because he’s the big, rugged hero.  He tries to protect her, that doesn’t quite work. Oh yeah, and something weakens him, meaning his healing powers aren’t quite up to scratch. Because you can’t have a hero who is constantly indestructible. Still, we know he’s going to survive and come out of this, so there’s nothing to really fear in seeing him weakened.

Any twist the ending might have had is ruined by the predictability of it. Still, there are some pretty cool action scenes, and Hugh Jackman, as always, is great in the role. But those are the only really redeeming features in the film. And simply because it’s part of the franchise, it will get watched, and should be to see the bridge between the last X-Men film and Days of Future Past. But if you want some sort of Wolverine fix, I’d suggest watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s just a shame this film was so…not terrible, just not good or even as good as it could be.



I usually enjoy comics/superpower based movies, but X-men franchise (Hulk and Transformers being the other current ones) just does not work for me. And this installment sucked big time. A friend of mine is a fan, so I joined her to the cinema, and oh my how sorry I was I’ve spent movie on THIS.

I love superhero films, enjoyed the first two X-Men but the third was weak. First Class, though, was actually really good, if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m really hoping Days of Future Past is good, too.

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