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{January 26, 2014}   Waxwork [Film]

waxworkWaxwork tells the story of a group of college kids who get invited to a private show at a waxwork museum. The place seems to have cropped up overnight, and is manned by a creepy English guy (David Warner). Seriously? Why would anyone step into that place? Especially after an invite from a guy who seems to go out of his way to be creepy.

Anyway. After entering the museum, two of the students step over the barriers and find themselves transported to other dimensions, containing stock horror characters. The first finds himself attacked by a werewolf, while China – already tagged as the slutty girl – finds herself at dinner with a bunch of vampires.

There are points when it feels this film could have been pretty damn good. The exhibits in the museum serve, almost, as movies within movies, with homages to various famous characters. And there’s a brilliant comment by creepy museum guy, when someone points out that Phantom of the Opera was made into a movie, that “They’ll make anything into a movie these days.” Yeah like…creepy waxwork exhibits coming to life.

Back to the plot! After two go missing, the other two leave the place unscathed and the main character, the hero, Mark, begins to worry about his former girlfriend China. Also his mate. But more China. After some investigation they find out that if the exhibits absorb a certain amount of people, they will come alive and wreak havoc on the world.

waxwork 2Very little in the film actually makes sense. It feels like a mishmash of homages more than anything else, with a little bit of 80s gore and splatter thrown in for good effect. And you know what? All of this makes this film great. Not in a typical great film way, but it is, without a doubt, one of those so terrible it’s good films. Camp, over the top, and the ending even has a bunch of old men charging forward to defend the world from the evil about to be unleashed.

Yeah. It has God awful, laugh out loud moments. And I loved it! And there’s a sequel!! Which I really, really need to watch.

Waxwork. A brilliant, over the top 80s flick. A terrible, downright confusing mix of homage and attempts to be original. A contradiction that works wonderfully.


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