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{February 13, 2014}   Iron Man 2 [Films]

iron man 2I know, I know, I really should have seen this film before now. Ages before now. But I finally got to watch it! Yay!

After Tony Stark has revealed himself as Iron Man, he is urged to hand over his technology to the government, because, obviously, it will be much, much safer in their hands. Tony refuses, of course. In Russia, Mickey Rourke uses similar technology to Stark to build his own weapon, and is eager to get revenge against the Stark family. Tony discovers he’s dying, and appoints Pepper Potts as his CEO, to run his business, and hires a pretty redhead as his personal assistant.

Kind of wish I could go back and watch this before The Avengers, now, just to see if I could have worked out who she was beforehand. Anyway!

Iron Man 2 is your typical superhero fare, with a bit of added drama over Tony’s state of health. But, well, there’s not exactly a lot of tension in that. He’s the hero. Of course he’s going to survive. And win. No matter what sort of technology or how many guys the bad guy has, Tony will win. We know that. And the film doesn’t do a great job of really making us feel tense or worried. We do, however, get a glimpse at Tony as a more sympathetic, human character, rather than just a multimillionaire with some fun toys to play around with.

There are also some pretty cool action scenes, especially involving the fights, and, more importantly, some awesome scenes featuring Iron Man and Lt Rhodes, either fighting each other or fighting side by side.

It’s not a great film. Not even a really good one. But it is a decent superhero romp, and there’s plenty of Robert Downey Jr. to enjoy in it. More importantly, it is one of the many Marvel films feeding into The Avengers, and part of me thinks that it’s worth watching just for that.


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