Of Musings and Wonderings

{August 17, 2014}   So, So Sorry…But I Am Alive!

so sorryThis is me apologising. Mainly for disappearing pretty suddenly and not posting anything for…what, five months? Seriously. I really am sorry. I don’t think I can say that enough. Not that I think there are loads of people out there who constantly watch this blog for updates, but for anyone who maybe was a reader or enjoyed the things I posted, I want them to know my face looks just like the Doctor’s, right up there.

I won’t go into too much explanation of why I’ve been gone. I’ve just been, well, enjoying life, really. And looking for a new job in amongst all that. And of course, I’ve watched a number of films and read a number of books in that time but I won’t be able to post about all of them. I’ll do what I can though. I can’t promise regular updates, but I am back and I will be posting more. And if anyone did e-mail me and I didn’t respond, it’s likely the e-mail got lost in the huge number of blog updates I get. Feel free to e-mail again (I will be checking regularly) or post below and let me know if you’ve e-mailed and I’ll go through a hunt of them.

So yeah, that’s it, really. Just me saying I am still alive and I am sorry for being gone so long. As always, I hope you enjoy any future posts I put up here.


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