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00421667%20-%20449x485Last night, I went with my mum to see Blues Brothers: The Smash Hit. The show is a tribute act/review, dedicated to John Belushi’s and Dan Ackroyd’s characters Jake and Ellwood Blues. If you haven’t seen the film, go do it now because it’s brilliant.

You done? Good.

Okay so, this time, rather than being in the Upper Circle like we were for Save The Last Dance For Me, we down in the stalls. Yeah, posh! A good view, nice amount of room and we could have used the binoculars, if we so wished. I put on a nice top, Mum dressed smart, and we turned up and most people were wearing jeans and t-shirts, or shirts with hats and sunglasses.

You could tell this was going to be a good audience.

The show started with blue police lights, sirens and a voice-over from the film.

It worked really well to get the audience pumped up, as the band began to play Peter Gunn Theme. You could feel the energy in the room, could feel the audience getting pumped up as one of the cast, dressed as a policeman, pulled a tape across the stage. Brad Henshaw and Chris Chandler – Jake and Ellwood – appeared, and the audience burst into applause.

The two leads pulled off their parts brilliantly. You could tell that for them – and the rest of the cast – this was a pure labour of love, and I found myself wondering how often they must have watched the films to get so in character. The mannerisms worked well, and there felt like there was a real connection between the two. I saw one review mentioned that the fake Chicago accents were grating, but I didn’t feel they were. Admittedly, the American accents were pulled off better than in Save The Last Dance.

The band were brilliant, and entertaining, and it was fun to see them switch into different costumers. The Bluettes – the backing singers/dancers – were great, as was William Hazel, who in the programme is noted as ‘Understudy’ but on stage played a variety of roles. He performed a number of songs, including Cab Calloway’s Minnie The Moocher. He couldn’t quite match Calloway’s singing style, but he had the audience responding in all the right places and pulled off the moves very well.

Overall, it was a great show. We got to our feet when encouraged – some didn’t need that encouragement (I think alcohol was involved) – clapped and sang along, and a few rows in front of us was Cardiff’s very own dancing granny. (She was brilliant!) The crowd was a complete mix of ages, and everyone clearly enjoyed themselves. The cast were brilliant at encouraging everyone to join in, making everyone laugh and drilling up some sympathy when required. Plus, they threw in some nice Welsh-specific jokes too. (Mentioning Ely along with claiming Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual is the Welsh National Anthem. It’s not. That title goes to Delilah. But we let it slide.) It was overall a very fun experience, and I really hope they come back to Cardiff. I’d sure as hell go see it again.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go watch The Voice.


{May 2, 2013}   A Very Busy May

Ah. May. The start of Summer. For the first time in three years, I haven’t spent April dreading May. I haven’t been kept up at night working hard on researching essays or stories for University. I haven’t been stressed. It’s a nice relief. Although I think I would trade in this non-stressed feeling for the chance to go back to Uni. Anyway! There’s also two bank holidays this month, one this coming Monday and one on 27th May. I booked a day off today – meant to go to the doctor’s but I ended up going last week so had a nice lie in and now working on my writing and catching up with other blogs.

As well as all this time off this month, I’ve got a busy few weeks at the end of the month. And I’m very excited for them.

Firstly, I’m going to see Blues Brothers in the theatre! I had a rough time back in February, and Mum asked me if I wanted to go see Blood Brothers. Of course I did! On my lunch break the next day, I eagerly headed to the theatre to get some tickets. Only problem was it was on the week after, and they had sold out. Before I went, I mentioned to the guys I work with I was going to get tickets for Blues Brothers. “That’s awesome!” one said, and I quickly corrected myself, adding, “Aw. Now I sort of wish it was Blues Brothers.”

When I got home that night, I mentioned that conversation to my mum and told her about the lack of tickets for Blood Brothers.

“I think Blues Brothers is on, too.”

Quick look on the internet proved she was right, and the next day I picked up two tickets for the show. Now, this was back in early March, so it felt like a long way away. But now, it’s three weeks from tomorrow and I cannot wait!

And if you do not love Blues Brothers, you simply have no soul.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s great. Really. But…well, that’s only one night, right?

Yeah, it is. And that Sunday, I get to spend the day with my brother (if I don’t end up killing him at some point) and going to see (drum roll, please)…



And Whitesnake.

All in one amazing, classic rock filled gig. Tickets were bloody expensive, but I brought one for me and one for my brother as a birthday present. As one of his mates commented this morning, “If he’s not there, there is something wrong with the world.” And it’s a Bank Holiday the day after, so I’ll have a full day to recover from the epic-ness. And it is going to be epic. I love my classic rock, and this gig has two of the biggest classic rock bands still going. So, yeah, should be good.

Only problem is…a few weeks ago, I spotted a picture online. For some reason, I got it in my head that the band referenced in this picture (along with my favourite TV show) were playing at the gig. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it rooted itself in my head and stuck there for ages, until I actually thought about it and realised, nope, they will not be playing. I was kind of disappointed. Then I put on my Journey/Whitesnake/Thunder playlist, rocked out for a bit and cheered up.

Still going to try to get this on a t-shirt.

Still going to try to get this on a t-shirt.

So yeah, not going to see Kansas. (Are they still around? Do they still gig? I really have no idea. My brain just really likes messing with me sometimes.)

That Monday, I expect I’m going to be knackered. Like, absolutely shattered. Having pernicious anaemia – which I am planning to blog about, eventually, and which I just spelled correctly! with no spell check or anything! go me! – most likely will not help with that. But I am due for my jab the week before so fingers crossed that will keep my energy levels high enough for all this awesomeness.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, I am heading back to Thorpe Park. This time, I’m going with a very good friend of mine. Heading to London on the Friday, staying at my brother’s flat before going to the theme park on the Saturday. We’re staying there overnight in their new Crash Pad, and have two days in the park. Not bad for about £100, including transport costs. I am very excited about this. I love roller coasters and they’ve added in a backwards row to Swarm, so I’ll get to experience that. Plus, well, a lot of the rides were closed when I went in October, so maybe they’ll be open this time.

Technically, Thorpe Park is in June, but we’re heading there on the last day of May so I’m including it in my busy month thing.

If you like roller coasters, and you ever get the chance, go to Thorpe Park. I went on my own and I had a brilliant time. I’m super excited to go again, and share the experience with my good friend. Plus, brand new Crash Pad! So look out for that blog.

So yeah, an exciting month ahead of me! What about you, dear reader? Any big plans for the summer?

et cetera