Of Musings and Wonderings

IMAG0075I had been looking forward to this gig for ages. I got the tickets back in February, one for me and one for my brother as a birthday present. I defiantly inherited my music tastes from him. Without him, I don’t think I would have appreciated the music in Supernatural quite as much, and without me he never would have seen the show. I grew up with classic rock in the house, thanks to both him and my mum, and as one of his mates commented to me a few weeks ago, if my brother was not at this gig, there was something very wrong with the world.

Oh, and it was Bank Holiday weekend, which meant we could happily drink through the day and I didn’t have to worry about heading to work on the Monday. Good times.

Plus, the sun was shining. It was a nice, bright day, and my brother and I made our way around a couple of the nearby pubs, drinking in the beer gardens and meeting up with some of his mates before heading to Cardiff for the gig. Thanks to my brother’s dilly-dallying and insistence on getting a burger from McDonald’s, we actually missed the first half of Thunder. (boo!) But we did make it to Thunder in time for one of my favourite songs (we missed Castles In The Sand, unfortunately.)

What we did see of Thunder was brilliant. Energetic, with great songs (check out Ballads by Thunder, if you like the above), and it really made me not quite care that a beer for my brother was £4 and a double vodka and coke for myself was £5.50. (Gig prices always feel like a punch in the gut.)

Short break – we headed outside for a smoke, met up with a few more people and went back in – and then it was time for Whitesnake. Although I love both Journey and Thunder, it was Whitesnake I was most looking forward to. Whitesnake are simply amazing. Great music, and the gig proved they can still rock out even if they are now all eligible for bus passes.

IMAG0068For the first couple of songs, I did have my brother drunkenly screaming in my ear, “I love you! You’re the best sister ever!”

Anyway. Whitesnake were, as expected, amazing. The whole crowd was singing along, and you could tell the guys on stage were having fun. Each song was better than the last, and of course the main song was Here I Go Again. There is nothing quite like hearing a whole arena sing a song like that. Essentially, it was a strong set, and really left the crowd pumped up for the last band of the evening.

IMAG0074Which was, of course, Journey. I wonder how many people there were actually aware that the lead singer changed in 2007? I knew! And not just because my brother mentioned it before hand. Also, they’ve all had hair cuts. God damn it, guys! Look at Whitesnake. Look at them! They’re still rocking the big hair look and it’s amazing. You guys…

Okay, well, it doesn’t matter. You can still rock with short hair. And sometimes short hair is better. Especially if you’re at a gig and going to stand near the back of the crowd throwing your hair back every few seconds. I’m talking to you, dude who stood right in front of me. (I really hate getting other people’s hair in my face.)


IMAG0084Journey were great, of course. Like the others, they had a good set, and they played up to everything. They moved around the stage, lead singer going from one end to the other and drawing the crowd in. And you could tell the crowd loved it. They lapped up everything thrown out by the band, and the surge of energy right at the end was brilliant.

Of course, the last song was Don’t Stop Believing, and like Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, the whole crowd joined in. Gigs have great atmospheres, when everyone is there to enjoy the same thing and united in a love for certain bands and music, and that night was no exception.

IMAG0100Overall, it was an excellent and fun night. The bands were great, the crowd was good and I walked out with an awesome Whitesnake t-shirt. Three great bands, still going strong after many years together. And, fingers crossed, there’ll be many more years to come and many more gigs like this.



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