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imagesCAEV2VH1I couldn’t even stay in my seat when I found out yesterday that Heroes was returning. Let me explain one thing. As much as I love Supernatural, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time and all those TV shows I currently watch, Heroes was always my favourite. Coming out in 2006, when I was 16/17, Heroes, in a way, introduced me to American TV. Of course, growing up, I watched American shows – Teen Angel, Sister Sister, Kenan & Kel, Saved By The Bell – but they were kid’s shows. Heroes was something completely different, and it came out at a time when superheroes weren’t on our screens left, right and centre. It was also something different, at least to me. This wasn’t a show following just a small cast. Instead, we got to see a variety of different people, in different situations, waking up with powers and learning how to cope, as well as saving the world.

A Japanese office worker who finds out he can teleport and control time. A hospice nurse, kind-hearted, wanting to do the best for everyone, who finds out he can absorb the abilities of others. A politician who discovers he can fly. A single mother, struggling to get by, who develops a split personality. Her son, who can talk to machines. Among many, many others.

Seriously, how cool is that? Heroes was what made me start looking at other shows. I picked up Smallville, Dark Angel, Supernatural. I stopped watching Lost because I got bored. I never did get around to watching the doomed last series of Heroes.

Not until my internet got cut in my second year of University, anyway. I already had Volumes One, Two and Three on DVD, and watched them all, before heading down to the nearest Blockbuster and picking up the last season. And o, ye of little faith, I did find that it wasn’t as bad as some had made it out to be. It picked up, a lot. Whatever your views on the mid-seasons of Heroes, at least they tried, damn hard, with the last.

And it ended, in such an unsatisfactory way!

So much left unanswered! So much left open!

heroesThere is currently very little we know about Heroes Reborn. It’s by original creator Tim Kring, it’s a mini-series with only 13 episodes (such a tease!) and there’s a possibility that old, familiar faces will return. It may not happen, but personally, I really, really want to see Peter, Matt, Mohinder and Hiro back. Oh! And Daphne. Micah! All grown up! Maya was pretty damn cool, too. I’d be happy if Claire didn’t come back. And Masi Oka, who played Hiro, has stated on his Twitter “Time to dust off the sword?”


Honestly, it could bomb. It could be a massive flop and end up terrible, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that’s not the case. Hopefully, they keep it away from the pretty boy, aimed-at-teenagers thing like The Tomorrow People, and keep it more focused on the sort of thing Heroes brought to the screen. Sure, there were the pretty boys – Peter, Isaac, Mohinder, – but there were also guys like Matt and Hiro and Ando. As for the girls, well, they were pretty much all stunning, but that’s besides the point. The main cast were a nice, brilliant mix, with interesting stories and lots of different things that could be done with them.

Personally, I think they need to remember the fans. The people like me who cried out on seeing the last scene, knowing there wouldn’t be another. Well, thinking there wouldn’t be. I think they need to pick up from exactly where the last series left on – come on, show us the impact that had! Show us a world where the public at large know there are people around them who can do amazing, wonderful things! And answer some of the questions the original show laid out!

Yes, I am excited. I’m the girl with a Hiro action figure! With the two graphic novels volume! I have a huge poster of Peter Petrelli on my wall, a Christmas present from my friend! (Actually, they were all presents. Because my friends know me very well.) Of course I’m excited! My favourite show ever is coming back to the small screen, and even if I have to wait over a year to see it…

It’s still coming!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, makes me very, very happy indeed.

heroes reborn


A great look/review at tonight’s anniversary episode of Doctor Who. Well worth a read. And much more in-depth than my review (which I will post tomorrow) will be.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (Review).

Anyone else excited for tonight?

For those who don’t know, today marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. And the episode tonight will show not just one, not just two, but three doctors, side by side. The episode above, tilted The Night Of The Doctor, is sort of a prequel to tonight’s episode, and shows the eighth doctor in the middle of the time war. If you like Doctor Who but haven’t seen it yet, play it now. Go on. Not long until the actual full The Day of the Doctor episode airs, so I’ll sit back and wait for you to watch the mini-episode.

Watched it?


Right, so, we have the main set up. We have the doctor, trying to save some poor soul from death. But we also see a glimpse of something we haven’t really seen since the series came back. We get to see a touch of the time war, and not just its effects on the doctor and his enemies but the effect on the people around them, the people who have had to suffer during the war. We see that the Time Lords are so hated, a woman is willing to die rather than enter the Tardis.

And we see how much that hurts the doctor, the man who spends his whole life trying to save people.

This is a brilliant teaser for tonight’s episode, and reveals quite a lot in such a short space. It’s constructed nicely, too, with the same feel that we usually get from the full length episodes. Without giving away too much (in case you haven’t watched it yet, even though it’s right there. You don’t even have to leave the page), it gives us hints as to what the doctor has gone through, and what he needs to do during the Time War. From the last episode of the last series, we know that Hurt’s doctor has done something unforgivable, something so bad he can’t even be called ‘The Doctor’. But here, we see that it wasn’t just the doctor who had a role in this, but others around him, trying to get him to just do something rather than hide away from what’s going on.

An episode well worth watching, especially if you want to feel just a little more hyped up about the episode on tonight.

{November 19, 2013}   Dracula – 1×1 [TV]

draculaRight from the start, it’s clear that Dracula isn’t going to be a standard retelling of the classic story. It’s not just going to be Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania and gives Dracula the means to come to England. Instead, the series starts with a man bringing Dracula back to life. Cut forward to, I assume, a few years later, and Dracula, calling himself Alexander Grayson, hosts a party for the rich of London. Posing as an American entrepreneur (yes, the Brit plays an American, of course) he strives to bring a more modern way of living to the people of London.

It has a sort of Prestige feel to it, with the use of electricity and Grayson’s attempts to impress the crowd. And it works well. I think there’s a strange fascination at the moment with this time period, and maybe that comes from the fact that everyone was experiencing new things that must have been amazing to see. Compared to now, when a new IPhone or console of smart TV is released and we just go “Meh. Whatever. It doesn’t have x, y and z!”

Anyway. Back to the point.

imagesCAQ9EB2GThe pilot introduces all the main players. We have Renfield, Mina, Lucy and Jonathan Harker. And of course, Van Helsing. But though their names are the same, the characters seem to have been reinvented for show. Renfield isn’t some crazy guy cooped up in a mental asylum. Instead, he’s Dracula’s personal servant, elevated above the novel’s character. Mina is more…progressive, which I’ll come back to in a moment. Harker is a journalist, who gets invited to Dracula’s home to interview him, and Helsing isn’t a vampire hunter. Instead, he’s revealed as being more of an ally to Dracula, rather than an adversary.

Okay, so, Mina. ‘Progressive’ female characters in period pieces…they kind of annoy me. I can understand it, of course. No one wants to watch a passive heroine just waiting around for a man to save her. But at the same time, she’s literally the only woman on her medical course. And she’s made to seem like the most intelligent person in the room. It just doesn’t fit. At the very least, I wish characters like this weren’t just on their own. Maybe throw in a couple of other women in the course, just so she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb wearing coloured clothes when all the men are in black/grey. And with characters like this, we’re never really shown why they’re the only woman like that around, when others are obsessed with money and men and all that. Come on!! (Rant over)

So totes progressive.

So totes progressive.

Alongside these familiar characters, there is the Order of the Dragon. These guys seem to be fulfilling the role of the vampire hunters, and have a conversation about that vampire a few years back who stalked Whitechapel and yeah, they make that reference very painfully obvious.

To be honest, it does look good. The first episode wasn’t overly exciting, though there was a decent fight scene on rooftops. But it did well to set up for the series, to introduce the characters and ground us in this turn of the century world where electricity is still a novelty. And, of course, Grayson/Dracula is awfully nice to look at. One to watch if you want to see a slightly different take on the brilliant story of Dracula.

{November 3, 2013}   The Tomorrow People – 1×1 [TV]

The Tomorrow PeopleA bunch of good-looking teenagers have amazing powers, and must hide themselves from an organisation that is trying to track them down. Main character discovers his powers and finds out Daddy left to protect him and his family. He is found by other kids with the same powers, then by the organisation and then finds out he might just be more powerful than all of them.

Dun dun duuun!

Pilot was okay. There were some pretty cool fighting scenes, even when the characters couldn’t use their cool ‘can pretty much do anything’ powers. The story though feels pretty much standard. It’s the whole big bad guy (who might just be the best damn character out of the whole lot), pretending to be good and nice to some of them while acting like shit to others, tracking down unique individuals who are hiding underground. Kid comes in, and everyone pins their hopes for a better life on him.

The premise is all laid out and the season is set up. It looks like it could be fun to watch, though nothing amazing. Still, the effects work well enough and there’s enough eye candy for both guys and girls to enjoy. And if that’s the sort of thing you like, it’s probably worth watching. I just hope they try to make the plot a little less standard as the series goes on.

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